Ohio River Valley Cosplayers (ORCs) Group Charter 



The ORCs Governing Council will approve and publish the ORCs Group Charter for leaders and members to document the group’s purpose, goals, leadership roles and responsibilities and member code of conduct as defined herein.


Membership and leaders will refer to approved and published Group Charter for expectations and guidelines for behavior as an ORC.


Issues or conflicts involving members or administrators will be resolved by applying standards set forth in the Group Charter.


Ohio River Valley Cosplayer (ORCs) Goals

Ohio River Valley Cosplayer (ORCs) Group

  • Promote positivity about cosplay regardless of genre
  • Educate existing and prospective members about types of cosplay
  • Provide a resource for members to research and share information about cosplay
  • Recruit ORCs membership to include cosplayers, enthusiasts, photographers, artists, event coordinators and vendors
  • Demonstrate cosplay best practices across all modalities (foamsmithing, makeup, 3D printing etc.)
  • Provide detailed information about cos-positive events including charity, conventions, and group sponsored events
  • Provide supplies and subject matter expertise to cosplayers at events who are seeking CosplayER support (regardless of group membership)
  • Promote a family atmosphere to include relationship and networking events like dinners, non-cosplay, and group sponsored activities
  • Facilitate an outlet for cosplayers to share information and photos about their cosplay
  • Promote vendors who are supportive of ORCs and encouraging growth of non-genre specific cosplay
  • Encourage ORCs membership to include genre-specific members from other cosplay groups
  • Advocate and promote positive messaging about cosplay in mainstream
  • Increase presence of ORCs membership at events that are supportive of cosplay and ORCs


  • Administrators must be available (in person or electronically) to assist ORCs members with conflict resolution, issues or questions
  • Administrators are responsible for moderating ORCs Facebook group discussions in conformance with group messaging standards and code of conduct
  • Administrators must assist with the update and publishing of current content to the public ORCs Facebook site
  • Administrators are responsible to coordinate a minimum of (1) ORCs sponsored event in their geographic area per year
  • Administrators are responsible for volunteering to lead CosplayER or provide cosplay demonstrations at a minimum of 50% of events in which they are in attendance and where ORCs have a sponsored booth
  • Administrators are leaders of the ORCs group and are expected to behave in a manner exemplifying leadership so as they set the standard for all other members
  • Administrators are required to comply with ORCs code of conduct
  • Administrators may not have a felony criminal record or convicted of any misdemeanor sex, stalking, assault or harassment crime


ORCs Membership Code of Conduct

Any member of ORCS (administrative, leader or member) is responsible for conforming with the group code of conduct when engaging in online, electronic and in person interactions with ORCs group members, artists, photographers, event coordinators and vendors.

  • Members will be respectful of differing points of view when responding or engaging ORCs private or public members in conversation (does not have to be specifically cosplay related)
  • Members will respect boundaries established and communicated relative to communications or interactions
  • Members will recognize that cosplay is not consent
  • Members shall not solicit ORCs social media or group members directly unless related directly to cosplay (products, services, etc). All individual members requests to solicit group shall be reviewed by an Administrator and subject to removal if deemed non-cosplay related
  • Members shall not verbally, sexually or physically harass other members including but not limited to inappropriate/illegal/unsolicited communications via online trolling, email, text, instant messaging, social media posts, or in person
  • Members are to behave professionally, respectfully and situationally appropriate when representing ORCs or in cosplay (for example, no cursing when attending a charity event with children)
  • Members are to be verbally and physically respectful of other members
  • Members are expected to address conflict with other members in a mature manner, any conflict that is not resolved by the immediate parties shall be escalated to a minimum of (1) administrator to address with ORCs leadership and consult with the parties to resolve.
  • Members are expected to support Ohio River Valley Cosplayer Group Goals as defined in this charter
  • Members must consent to and submit required information to complete an annual background check when participating in ORCs sponsored or promoted public events for charity or children; or as required by event planner
  • Members shall not degrade or tarnish ORCs brand and logo when in public (including posts to social media)
  • Members are encouraged to collaborate and support cosplay and fellow ORCs
  • Members shall not disparage the ORCs group or brand
  • Members shall not use ORCs trademarked logo without written permission
  • Members shall not represent ORCs at any public or private event without express permission of group leadership


Removal of member from ORCs

  • Any member who does not meet Group Goals or violates the Member Code of Conduct is subject to removal from the group
  • Allegations of non-conformance or misconduct must be submitted in writing by another Administrator or member
  • Allegations will be reviewed by ORCs Governing Council with due diligence completed to ensure an informed decision
  • ORCs Governing Council will meet, review and vote on removal of member
  • Decisions will be communicated in writing to all Administrators and member being removed/sanctioned
  • Details relative to the member’s issue, conflict or documentation shall not be discussed outside of leadership
  • Any member who voluntarily resigns as a member is eligible to reapply to the group for membership and contingent upon Administrator approval for access to the group
  • Any member who has been involuntarily removed as a member of ORCs is not automatically eligible for reapplication of membership but is subject to review and approval by ORCs Governing Council
  • Any member who has been removed from the group may not publicly affiliate as an Ohio River Valley Cosplayer or attend group sanctioned, invite only events


ORCs Administration – Operating Guidelines

Appointment and Sustaining role of Administrator

  • Candidates to role of Group Administrator must be nominated by an existing group Administrator
  • Prospective Administrators must complete an application and acknowledgement of Administrator goals, operating guidelines and membership code of conduct
  • All Administrators will vote on new prospects who have completed application and acknowledgement
  • All new Administrators are subject to a 90-day probationary period with a planned, sanctioned ORCs activity or event

Convening of Meetings

  • Administrator meetings will be held quarterly at the time and place published in Administrator meeting invite to be sent by Ryan Gastinger or his delegate a minimum of (1) week prior to meeting date.
  • Administrators will be informed of meeting through Facebook event invite
  • All meeting agendas and minutes will be published and available to Administrators access to Google Drive using the ORCs Gmail.



  • Meetings will be advertised by private invite to Administrators
  • All meeting documentation will be archived to ORCs Google Drive and distributed directly electronically as necessary.

Email: Ohiorivervalleycosplayers@gmail.com should be copied on all correspondence for meeting or archive. If Ryan Gastinger or delegated facilitator chooses to open a dialogue via email, all Administrators will have access to documentation on Ohiorivervalleycosplayers@gmail.com


Conduct of meetings

  • Quarterly meetings will be open to all administrators
  • Administrators are expected to attend all quarterly meetings unless there is an emergency or extenuating circumstance that prohibits attendance.
  • Administrators on invite are responsible for communicating quarterly meeting absences; reading meeting minutes and following up on assigned tasks or action items noted in meeting minutes
  • Ad hoc meetings will be open to Administrators on invite only
  • All Meetings will be facilitated by Ryan Gastinger or his delegate
  • Meetings will end with a clear understanding of expectations and assignments for next steps as documented in meeting minutes
  • Meetings are expected to be a minimum of one hours and not exceed two hours (unless otherwise scheduled in the meeting duration noted in the invite). Extension of meeting time shall be approved in 15-minute increments and will require the consent of majority members attending that meeting. Consensus will be indicated verbal approval and/or show of hands if meeting in person.
  • The notetaker will keep a record of meeting attendees, key issues raised, and actions required. Comments from individual members will generally not be attributed and a written verbatim record of the meeting will not be prepared or published. All meetings will be recorded and available for review.
  • The previous meeting notes and a meeting agenda will be forwarded to invited Administrators at the time of the invite. Any changes to the record of the past meetings shall be in writing and forwarded to the Ryan Gastinger prior to the next meeting.


Conflict Resolution

When an ORCs Administrative or Membership issue arises that cannot be easily resolved, ORCs Administrators agree to:

  • Remember that most escalations involve sensitive and controversial subjects and that the intent of all parties is to resolve issues in a manner that conforms with group guidelines, code of conduct and expectations to ensure a positive and safe group environment for all members
  • Determine if the issue should be resolved within the Administrators group or escalated to ORCs Governing Council.
  • Determine if a conflict of interest exists that affects decisions, conduct or introduces the perception of being non-neutral. Any Administrator with a conflict of interest shall excuse themselves and abstain from voting on subjects where there is a real or perceived conflict of interest
  • Ensure the appropriate decision makers are at the table to resolve the issue
  • Execute due diligence in gathering necessary information to adequately complete review and make recommendations.


Decision Making

The ORCs Administrator group is primarily advisory. In those areas where it has some decision-making authority, members will strive to reach agreement by consensus at a level that indicates that all Administrators are willing to “live with” the proposed action. Administrators will strive to work expeditiously and try to avoid revisiting decisions once made. Administrators shall individually vote with majority ruling if consensus cannot be reached on an issue presented for vote. If there is a split vote with no majority rule, then Ryan Gastinger will retain final decision-making authority.


Meeting Ground Rules

  • Only one leader shall speak at a time and must refrain from interrupting other Administrators
  • Attendee must wait to be recognized by meeting facilitator before speaking
  • Facilitator will call on people who have not yet spoken before calling on someone a second time for a given subject
  • All administrators who wish to have an opportunity to speak are afforded a chance to do so
  • Administrators must maintain a respectful position when engaging or responding
  • All are required to listen to other points of view and try to understand other Administrator interests
  • Administrators must share information openly, promptly, and respectfully to the group
  • Remain flexible and open-minded, and actively participate in meetings



Removal from role of Administrator

  • Any Administrator who does not meet Administrator or Group goals or violates the member code of conduct is subject to removal as Administrator or ultimately as a member.
  • Allegations of non-conformance or misconduct must be submitted in writing by another Administrator or member
  • Allegations will be reviewed by ORCs Governing Council with due diligence completed to ensure an informed decision
  • ORCs Governing Council will meet, review and vote on removal of Administrator or issuance of appropriate sanctions
  • Decisions will be communicated in writing to all Administrators and party in question
  • Removal as an Administrator will not be published publicly in membership group
  • Details relative to the issue, conflict or documentation shall not be discussed outside of leadership
  • Any Administrator who voluntarily resigns their position as a member (verbal or written) is automatically removed as an Administrator.
  • Any Administrator who voluntarily resigns their position as an Administrative is not eligible for reinstatement to Administrator role for one calendar year unless there are extenuating circumstances that would warrant an approved leave of absence to be reviewed and approved by ORCs Governing Council.


ORCs Administration – Roles and Responsibilities

THE ORCs leadership is composed of Administrators who shall act in an advisory and administrative manner when leading ORCs Group membership:


Administrators agree to:

  • Provide specific local expertise on cosplay
  • Positively support ORCs group members offering recognition and encouragement publicly
  • Moderate ORCs member discussions and posts on social media
  • Facilitate conflict resolution between members and administrators
  • Censor comments, photos or discussions posted to ORCs Facebook or other social media that violate Group guidelines or code of conduct
  • Report member or administrator violations of group guidelines or code of conduct
  • Attend all quarterly meetings prepared with additional information as necessary to support agenda and discussion topics
  • Review meeting notes and comment promptly
  • Complete all necessary assignments prior to each quarterly meeting
  • Articulate and reflect ORCs cosplay interests within the group and publicly to outside organizations and events
  • Meet a minimum of Administrator goals as outline in this charter
  • Conform with Administrator Operating Guidelines
  • Fulfill all responsibilities defined for role of Administrator


ORCs Governing Council Operating Guidelines

  • Ryan Gastinger to facilitate governing leadership by forming a group of elected leadership to serve in a role or represent a chapter area
  • Governance body with elected Administrators to serve in a specific role in addition to Ryan Gastinger as President:
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Regional area representative: Kentucky – Louisville, Central, South; Indiana; Ohio; and West Virginia
  • Governing body shall design and communicate group strategy, vision, and growth
  • Approve group budget; generate revenue; and spend
  • Provide a forum for all Administrators to have the opportunity to collaborate with governing body
  • Effectively manage conflicts and issues
  • Review, approve and publish policies, guidelines and public documents
  • Keep Administrators informed of new initiatives, changes and group progress
  • Conduct public meetings as necessary to inform and engage the community of ORCs members
  • Review and decide on group escalations for issues involving Administrators and Member violations of code of conduct, charter or guidelines
  • Manage logistics for quarterly and ad hoc meetings
  • Explain the reasons when deviations are taken from Administrator recommendations or group policies
  • Remove members and Administrators from ORCs Group



Administrators and/or members will be informed of private and public meetings through Facebook invite.

  • Meetings will be advertised in the Ohio River Valley Cosplayers Facebook (Membership) https://www.facebook.com/groups/ohiorivervalleycosplayers/
  • Private group documents and notices will be posted to Ohio River Valley Cosplayers Google Drive; public documentation will be posted to discussion in Facebook membership group
  • Email: Ohiorivervalleycosplayers@gmail.com should be copied on all correspondence, and if Ryan Gastinger chooses to open a dialogue via email, all ORCs members will be copied in Facebook group
  • Governing body is responsible for communicating to ORCs membership expectations that conform to the current version group code of conduct, charter or guidelines


Decision Making

The ORCs Governing Council is a governance and decision-making body of ORCs leaders who are members and Administrators. As a decision-making authority, all members of the ORCs governing council will strive to reach agreement by consensus at a level that indicates that governing leaders are willing to “live with” the proposed action. Governing leaders work expeditiously with the governance group and try to avoid revisiting decisions once made. If consensus cannot be reached on an issue/request or topic presented for approval, then members of the ORCs Governing Council shall individually vote with majority ruling. If there is a split vote with no majority rule, then Ryan Gastinger will retain final decision-making authority.